About me 👨🏽‍💻
Wonderful to see you here. My name is Rubén, and I am a software engineer based in Valencia 🏖️. Since my childhood, I have felt a great fascination for the world of software, and over time I have acquired knowledge in each of its areas. I hope you find the following information useful.
Years Experience
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  • Rubén Solano
  • 23
  • 🌴 Valencia, Spain
  • 🥘 Mercadona Tech
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Skills & Experience 🛠️
Software Engineer
2019 - Present
Since 2019, I have been a part of the Dekalabs team, actively contributing to the execution of innovation projects for companies worldwide. My primary focus has been backend development with Django, though I have also managed roles in DevOps and worked on the frontend using Vue. I have consistently operated under the Scrum methodology, ensuring project quality through rigorous testing and documenting every step of the process. My dedication and versatility have been essential in maintaining and raising the standards of excellence at Dekalabs.